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Introducing Frontier Truck Rentals, your trusted partner for all your transportation needs in the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia. Proudly operated by Frontier Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Ltd. dealership in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada, we are dedicated to providing top-notch vehicle and trailer rental services to meet your unique requirements.

At Frontier Truck Rentals, we understand the rugged terrain and diverse transportation challenges this region presents. Whether you're moving freight, embarking on an outdoor adventure, or transporting goods for your business (including forestry, mining, energy, geology and more), our vehicles are equipped to handle it all. Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is at the core of our operations.

With a team of experienced professionals who know BC like the back of their hand, we're here to assist you in choosing the perfect truck for your needs and ensuring your journey is smooth and worry-free. We take pride in being a reliable and integral part of the BC community, offering the support you need to conquer the vast and beautiful landscape that surrounds us. While we specialize in truck rentals, we do have a variety of rental vehicle and trailer options available; simply let us know what you are looking for and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Discover the Frontier Truck Rentals difference today, proudly brought to you by Frontier Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Ltd. Your journey begins with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Frontier Truck Rentals is a great supporter of our local economy! We have assisted customers requiring short-term and long-term vehicle rentals with a huge variety of needs; to name a few would include: weddings, mining companies, geology and exploration, forestry industries, local businesses, individuals relocating, tourists families, ski groups and more. Frontier Truck Rentals would love to assist with your vehicle rental needs!

Frontier Truck Rentals has a fleet of vehicles available for rental including: Ram 1500 (gasoline), Ram 3500 (diesel) and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). We even offer trailer rentals too!

Frontier Truck Rentals is able to provide for out-of-town drop-off or pick-up of one of our rental vehicles. There is a fee for this service and must be scheduled in advance.

Frontier Truck Rentals offers free customer airport pick-up and drop-off services. Our truck rental service has a complimentary airport parking spot (clearly marked by signage). If you do not arrange for airport parking with Frontier Truck Rentals, parking fees may apply directly with the airport at your own expense.

Frontier Truck Rentals' main office is conveniently located inside of a local dealership, Frontier Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Ltd., in Smithers, British Columbia Canada. Because of the nature of a vehicle rental business, many hours are spent by our team on the road assisting customers so feel free to reach out by telephone if you require immediate assistance.

Frontier Truck Rentals does offer daily, weekly and monthly rates and will be confirmed prior to your booking being finalized.

Yes! We have enclosed cargo trailers and a car hauler trailer available. The trailers may be rented without one of our truck rental, but our team will have to confirm several details with you before providing a confirmation.

Most of our Ram 1500's  and 3500's have tow packages that include vehicle trailer braking systems.

Mine ready packages are available upon request. Every industrial mine and work site has its specific requirements (eg. radios), so additional information may be required at time of booking. Frontier Truck Rentals is able to fulfill these requirements, but please be aware there may be additional charges applied.

All of the truck rentals available (Ram 1500's and 3500's) come standard with either summer or winter 10 ply rated tires. Tire chains may also be available by request.

Frontier Truck Rentals is happy to use your vehicle insurance when applicable. British Columbia (BC) has some special licensing requirements and our skilled team can work with you directly to be sure you have the required insurance coverage.

Your vehicle will have a full tank of gasoline or diesel at pick up. As a courtesy, Frontier Truck Rentals recommends that the fuel tank upon return.Failure to refuel a rental vehicle will result in an additional charge.