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Determined to find the best place to get your oil changed? Choose Frontier Chrysler. Our experts provide a swift and simple oil change procedure that will see you back on the road with a quickness and effectiveness that won’t take away from enjoying your life and the roads beyond. Now, the question we have to ask is – when was the last time you had your oil checked?

The generally accepted rule for oil change intervals hovers around the 5,000 kilometre range, or, at least it used to. We say this with some sense of consideration as every vehicle has its own story and preferred periods with which oil changes should occur just as every driver has their own preference in driving style which will put more or less strain on the mechanical-side of your vehicle. Book an appointment or reach out to our service team and let’s make certain your vehicle stays on the road as long as possible!


Frontier Chrysler – The Premier Dealership for Oil Changes

Adding to this, the relatively recent advances in synthetic oil has resulted in longer, more reliable potential for engines. When it’s all said and done, however, a consistent frequency in oil changes is always the best option to ensure your engine and therefore your vehicle is maintained at its best potential and will relieve chances of more catastrophic engine complications further down the line.

Now, many people also fall on the other side of this practice and treat their engines with a cautiousness that places less pressure and therefore the frequency of oil changes can be expanded upon. You’ll want to know that you did everything in your power to ensure you have no unwanted wear on your engine to keep unexpected failures that can occur otherwise. Wear can be a result of oil contamination, depletion, and a variety of other oil or flow-related complications. Don’t let your vehicle to succumb to these unknowns by committing to regular appointments.

The Premier Dealership for Oil Changes

The Experts Your Vehicle Deserves at Frontier Chrysler

Our specialists are here to make certain that your vehicle receives the attention it deserves when you bring it in. That said, many people have asked us over the years what they can do between oil changes to ensure their vehicle lasts longer and for those of you out there who are interested as well, there are actually a few simple protocols that you can adhere to in order to keep your vehicle running better.

In the winter, or when the weather takes a turn towards the lower-end of the thermometer, it’s a good idea to allow your engine to warm up for a few minutes. This contributes to the right oil viscosity, making it easier for the oil to lubricate the necessary areas. Add to this a more diligent practice of foot-to-pedal and timing on your acceleration, which allows alleviates the pressure you’re placing on your engine.

Keep Your Vehicle Running in its Top Shape

We want to preface all of the above by emphasising the importance of bringing in your vehicle for regular maintenance should you be experiencing any issues that you cannot directly identify. Failure to do this may result in more catastrophic issues down the road and we don’t want that to happen to anyone.

Contributors to oil change intervals also fall into the line in the form of engine types. Those who drive more demanding engines that have more power will want to have them checked more regularly, whereas economy vehicles tend to require fewer inspections. Oil types and the age of a vehicle must also be factored into your oil change intervals. Join us today at Frontier Chrysler and let our experts provide a quick and reliable oil change to make your life all the steps better that it can be!

Frontier Chrysler – Your Premier Dealership for Oil Changes

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